Women’s rehab centers aim to heal the mind, body, and spirit of the person seeking recovery from alcohol and substance abuse addictions.

The psychiatrists and psychologists are tasked with healing the mind. The medical doctors, nurses, and physical therapists tend to the body of the recovering addict. A spiritual counselor is tasked with facilitating the healing of the spirit of the woman in recovery.

Faith-based drug rehab for women has programs that look upon a Higher Power to facilitate in healing the addicted person.  It has been known that when we look upon such a Power, we realize that all is not lost for someone cares about us, and loves us, without judgment, and that is Christ – Christ, the Great Healer.

Group therapies or one-on-one spiritual therapies would normally include readings from the Bible – from Scriptures – and a pastor or priest can guide the woman in recovery through such readings.

By Christ’s very own humility and submission, we all get greater strength and resolve to get past our problems and find God-filled solutions. Oftentimes, these sessions can be great catalysts, and a real breakthrough can occur when tears of longing are shed. And when spiritual illumination is achieved, there is no going back to a world without Christ.

Faith-based recovery for women’s rehab centers can be achieved and established through three things:

  1. Faith in God. We learn to love God by seeing that He is not the God of wrath, but a God of Mercy, Love, Peace, Joy, and Compassion.
  2. Faith in self. Getting into a faith-based recovery program can teach us to love ourselves all over again, or even for the very first time ever.
  3. Faith in others. When we begin to have faith in God and ourselves, we also begin to have faith in others. We begin to trust them eventually.

The 5 Benefits of a Faith-Based Recovery Program

Spirit is that which animates us. Having a rich spiritual life, guided by competent spiritual counselors at the recovery center can only bring good, especially when prayers are offered each day, and a meditative practice is included as well. There is a time to be with others in spirit and there is also a time to be alone. The best concept that works is always that which has balance.

Here are the five benefits you can gain from faith-based therapy for women in recovery:

  1. It heals the person. The woman in recovery feels loved and accepted.
  2. It heals the families. Families begin to heal when hearts are one in Christ.
  3. It heals the friends. Love and trust thrives once more among friends.
  4. It gives hope to all. When hearts get healed, hope surfaces.
  5. It gives strength to all. Christ in our hearts gives us strength to go on.

Perhaps, with a strong spiritual foundation, founded in Christ, souls can become one again. People can learn to love and trust again. People will be more compassionate and accepting of humanity, and we can all rally around loving each other instead of hurting each other.

Where There is Christ, Miracles Abound.

Every effective recovery program must actually have the Spirit of Christ in it, not in the strictly religious way, but more in a freeing and spiritual way. Sessions founded on prayer and ending in prayer – with full respect for the individual faith of each recovering woman – will unite everyone and give strength to everyone.

As has been said before, we are all souls on a spiritual journey. As such, working with faith-based recovery programs, become effective with Christ in our midst.