If you are looking for a place to live, one of the best options to consider is Cheltenham. This town is big enough to have all the amenities you need, including shops, offices, schools, and leisure amenities, but it is small enough to provide a nice, friendly, community feel. Cheltenham also boasts good employment opportunities and good transport links to larger cities in the nearby area.

When moving to Cheltenham, as with any town or city, you do need to realise that there are areas which are more attractive than others for various reasons. Depending on your circumstances, certain parts of Cheltenham will be a better fit for your needs. Here are some of the best places in Cheltenham when you’re looking for a new home.

  1. Tivoli

The Tivoli area of Cheltenham is one of the more sought-after regions of the town. It is a small part of town that stretches between The Park and Andover Road. You’ll find lots of terrace houses that have been renovated and provide excellent quality accommodation, as well as detached villas from the Regency period. You’ll be close to town – it takes around 15 minutes to walk – and there are also shops within the area itself so you don’t necessarily need to go into town. 

  1. Leckhampton

If you are looking for a bigger family home then Leckhampton is a good option. This area is on the south side of Cheltenham and there are period homes as well as more modern properties. Also, there are many good schools within the area. All this amounts to higher property prices here than in other parts of the town.

  1. St Lukes

This area is probably the best for young couples and singles as it is very close to the town centre, and there are smaller properties available. The narrow streets are attractive and charming, and there is also Sandford Park close by as well as the Lido.

  1. Charlton Kings

This part of town was once a village but has now been largely taken over by the urban area. It is a little further out than the previous areas, and contains some excellent schools.

  1. Fairview and Pittville

A nice area in Cheltenham with some lovely shops, great properties, and a lovely community feel. Fairview is the place for smaller, more affordable properties while Pittville offers some very large spaces.

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