Just like WordPress is ideal for a blog post, Magento is required for your E-commerce platform.  It is a powerful E-commerce system aimed at a user-friendly E-commerce site. The major two advantages of using Magento are its popularity and its accessibility. This is a platform, not software that offers you a long list of tools. On the other hand, a platform is something you can develop, change, and incorporate whatever you require. If you look at the Magento system thoroughly, you will get to see that most of it is devoted to shipping, tracking, customer database, price management, and more. Consequently, it creates an easy to handle E-commerce platform for the customers.

There is no question about the effectiveness of Magento platform for store owners. From offering strong reporting features to handling lucrative discount vouchers, Magento is highly customizable as per your requirements. You can make changes via the admin interface. In addition to the admin interface, customization can be done using XML modules and there is also an option for a plugin which is similar to WordPress. One of the greatest strengths of Magento is its community. There’s always someone who has successfully built a plugin and also can answer any specific doubts. Although there are plenty of blog posts and books but to give you a clear concept, magecom offers five Podcasts for Magento developers.

  1. Podcast for Magento Web Development: To run your online business effectively with an aim to reach your target group, you need a strong platform along with design, SEO, and more magecom with its long-term experience shares useful tricks about Magento development. Their technical team talks about user-friendly Magento platform, server setup, design for the E-commerce portal and more.
  2. Podcast for Magento Setup: magecom offers turnkey Magento E-commerce solution to update you about this flexible platform. Being a non-technical person, it will be a challenge for you to handle this platform efficiently. That’s why follow the podcast for Magento setup presented by magecom. From setting up payment options to incorporating coupons and pricing rules, everything is described in the podcast video for your reference.
  3. Responsive Magento Design: Gone are those days when a laptop or the computer used to be the only source to connect you to the web. Now in the era of the smartphone, you also have to change your setup. So your design for the E-commerce portal has to be mobile-friendly. To learn about the effective design, stay tuned to the podcast for responsive Magento design by magecom.
  4. Podcast for Magento Integration: Managing your E-commerce platform is a daunting task especially when you have a giant store with a variety of products from multiple suppliers. Attend the show of Magento integration by magecom to know how to integrate your Magento with a POS system, suppliers data feed, and fulfillment company to run your business smoothly.
  5. Podcast for Migration to Magento: Magento is the most popular E-commerce platform and many online owners stick to Magento as it is one of the easiest E-commerce solutions to handle. So knowing the advantages of Magento platform, you may want to change your existing platform to Magento. Follow the podcast show on migration to Magento to obtain the basic idea.

Each tutorial is worth watching for the developers and focuses on every aspect of Magento platform.