Making a commitment to your faith helps to build your relationship with God, this can be done in a number of creative and imaginative ways, there are times when you may find yourself distracted.You can always find time to practice your religion, even if you have a busy lifestyle.  Attending church is not always possible, so find other ways to stay connected.

  • Regular Prayer Time with Friends

Meet up with friends or family on a regular basis to pray and thank god for all the wonderful gifts he has bestowed upon you. Although at first it may seem awkward praying with others, it will soon feel normal and is a great way to stay connected to God. Learn to discuss relevant issues and pray for each other in a quiet, relaxed environment.

  • Connect with your Christian Community

Try to put aside one day per week where you attend local Christian gatherings and connect with other members of your community. It is important to give yourself a break and focus on your spiritual connection with God, meeting with other Christians will put you in the right environment and help you to concentrate on what really matters.

  • Christian Accessories & Online Solutions

If you are particularly busy, there are options to keep you connected to your faith without having to leave your home. Ordering products like Christian books in the UK is an easy way of surrounding yourself with positive material in your home or at work. Furthermore, you can make use of other material such as:

  • YouTube videos
  • Audio Books
  • MP3
  • DVD’s (Guidance & Sermons)
  • Games
  • Smartphones

Each of these offer an easy solution to practice your faith when you have little time to do so.

  • Eat Healthy Food

Your body is a temple so you should consider filling it with healthy, nutritious food. Avoid eating high calorie, sugary foods and choose nourishing, wholesome alternatives such as fruit, fibre and vegetables. If you look after your body on a physical level, it supports your mental and spiritual consciousness, this improves your focus and enables a greater connection to God.

  • Connect with Nature

There are times when you will need to unplug and unwind, a great way of establishing a connection to God is by immersing yourself in nature. Go for a walk and enjoy all of God’s wonderful creations, find a quiet area, and just sit and listen to the sounds of nature. This will help you focus on positive thoughts and support you in cleansing your mind.

  • Become Environmentally Friendly

Cut down on pollution and consider these tips for making yourself a more environmentally conscious human being.

  • Use a bicycle as your main mode of transport.
  • Consider buying a hybrid car.
  • Only use recyclable material.
  • Use natural lighting and turn off electricity as often as possible.
  • Install solar panels at home.
  • Spend minimal time in the shower and do not waste water.

All of the tips mentioned above are great ways to keep you motivated and religiously nourished throughout your lifecycle.