You often get oscillated between whether it’s okay to gift flowers to men or not. Right? It is because you think flowers are associated with women and men have been always giving flowers to woo women. However, flowers can be given to anyone because it can instantly add color and happiness in a person’s life whether it’s a man or a woman. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while sending flowers to a man. For example, the colors of flowers are very important if you are sending them to a man for men will prefer bold colors always. Also, you should take a guide on which flowers you should send men on various occasions. There are many occasions when flowers or simply a plant can be a meaningful gift idea to surprise the man of your life. Take a read:

To Congratulate Him

If your boyfriend or husband achieve a big milestone in his life then, it would be really a great idea to send a bouquet of purple Orchids to his workplace. This will definitely heighten his happiness. You can also send a bamboo plant on such occasion as it is believed to bring good fortune.

To Say Get well soon

Every man would like to receive a bunch of freshly picked flowers while he is sick. Giving him a bunch of bright and cheery Daisies or Peonies can brighten up his day and make him feel better. Also, don’t forget to give a card saying ‘get well soon’.

To Ask An Apology

In a relationship couple often have small fights. However, don’t let a simple fight hamper your relationship. If you realize it was your mistake then don’t feel shy to ask an apology from the special man in your life. To make your man calm and forget the quarrel he had with you, you send him a bunch of orchids or roses or carnations.

To Say Thank You

To thank your boyfriend or husband for being with your through thick and thin, giving him a beautiful bunch of flowers would make him feel special. One of the appropriate flowers to thank the special man in your life would be Anthurium bouquet or Boyflower

To Wish Happy Birthday

Because your special man deserves to feel special on his birthday, a gift wouldn’t be enough to heighten his happiness. Instead, add a bouquet of flowers like Birds of paradise or Orchids or Carnations to bring a thousand watt smile on his face.

To Wish Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one such occasion when you can express your feelings for your special one. Because every time he gives you flowers but this time make him feel special by giving him a bunch of roses along with a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

To Wish Him Anniversary

Strengthen your relationship with your husband by sending him a surprise flower arrangement or a plant. A strong and bold Orchid arrangement or the Foliage garden plant would be a heart-winning idea to celebrate the eternal bond you share with your husband.

So, make your beloved boyfriend or husband feel happier on special occasions with a bouquet of bolder flowers. You can easily send a bunch of flowers to your guy through online flower delivery. For example, if you want to send flowers for your man in Delhi, then surf the internet and find out the best online flower delivery in Delhi. Then, pick a bouquet of flowers that you would like to send to your special man and enhance the love in your relationship.