You actually have plenty of time with your old mattress, as delivery is scheduled for weeks away. When that day does arrive, there is the lifting, shifting, and pivoting as you and the delivery bloke manoeuvre one mattress in and the other out. You take a first lie-down on the brand-new mattress and wonder if it feels the same as in the store. With a short 30-day trial period before you can no longer return for a refund, you spend each night wondering if you could possibly survive the process again so soon.

A Better Way to Buy?

The entire experience has led a number of people to wonder if there is a better way to buy a mattress. Admittedly, the idea of the turning to the Internet seems a bit odd. For years we have purchased inexpensive and small items online such as clothing, shoes, and home goods, but a mattress is expensive, bulky, and difficult to package and ship. So, is it a good idea to buy a mattress online? In a word, yes.

Skip the Drive Time

Purchasing a mattress online is a lesson in convenience. To begin, you only need to travel as far as a Wi-Fi source. Take your spouse to coffee on a Saturday morning instead of all over town, and still end the day with a new mattress on its way. Simply by eliminating the drive time and necessity of going from store to store to try different mattress brands, online mattress shopping seems a better option than brick and mortar stores.

Make More Comparisons

However, the online experience has a lot more to offer than just convenience. Online retailers are able to carry a wider range of brands and models, and they are all in one place. You will have more options across more price points than in most physical stores that are confined by space and exclusivity agreements with a specific brand. Plus, you can compare firmness, reviews, ratings, and price all in a single place.

Take Your Time to Decide

Of course, even with all of this information it is still possible to make a mistake and buy a mattress that does not work for you. Luckily, online retailers, particularly those that sell beds in a box, offer extended trial periods for the new mattress. With 90 or 100 days to give your mattress a try, you can decide stress-free if it is a good fit. Also, it is rare for an online retailer to charge a fee for returns, whereas many traditional mattress stores have a fee policy for returns, giving you another convenient reason to shop online for your next mattress.