In this hoard of being one to stand out in terms of being physically attractive by reducing the body weight and fat, the consumption of certain health supplements, steroids, and other synthetic compounds has seen an unprecedented rise. Amidst this din and drone of the high of achieving the perfect look and sexy body, there is one aspect that is easily kicked aside or simply looked through: the possible side effects of them. After all, one is so caught up by the look of the new their own self, the side effects are taken as a very small price to pay for it, even if they being visible. This is actually causing a whole new cycle of complications. One such product to show some very obvious side effects has been Adipex or Adipex-P which is the more common name for phentermine hydrochloride which has been available in 15 mg, 30 mg, and 37.5 mg dosages.

Adipex Supplement: The Various Ranges And Types Of Side-effects

One does not really see any potential side effects. The side effects of Adipex is actually contributed to by the presence of phentermine and it is the presence of it that shows a varied side-effect ranges – from mild to severe and is also dependent on the dosage consumed.

  1. The Milder Side-effects are as follows very commonly include conditions like Dry Mouth, Mild Diarrhea, Constipation, frequent headaches, a soreness in the mouth, mild to severe changes in the libido or sex drive, uncontrolled shaking or trembling of limbs due to overstimulation of the most reported ones.
  2. Long Term Side-effects: These types of side-effects start to emerge as the user consumes Adipex over a longer period of time. They are mostly related to the Cardiovascular System that is seen to be the most affected of the lot. Issues like tachycardia, that is, an abnormal increase in the heart rate, heart palpitations, and a shoot up of the Blood Pressure are the ones that are taken as the most reported ones. In extreme cases, the phentermine can contribute to primary pulmonary hypertension. This can even lead to a constant feel of fatigue and sapped out like feel all through. The other aspect to be affected the most is the mood changes, which could include the patient exhibiting conditions like euphoria and dysphoria, which is essentially the feelings of extreme agitation, anxiety, depression, or discomfort.
  3. The Generic Side effects: This includes the ‘typicality’ of the side effects a chemical is capable of producing. Generic side effects can also occur in due to reactions due to other medications like antacids, hormonal supplements, or even certain contraceptives, and medications prescribed for depression with MAO inhibitors.

When taken under the strict supervision and prescription of a Primary Care Physician, the Adipex is bound to give its desired results of a new body. But, no meddling with the health of a body can ever give anyone a new one to cherish. So beware, and be aware of the side effects of it.