As a parent, you may sometimes wish you could just sit down with your child and inculcate the important lessons he/she needs to learn to be successful in life. However, deep down inside your heart, you know that this can never be possible. Children need practical experience in real life situations to know the qualities they need to install in themselves to succeed in life. Psychological experts and prominent teachers say introducing your children to team sports like basketball goes a long in inculcating in them important life lessons. They even get a chance to practice what they learn.

Anju Vallabhaneni – Important life lessons basketball can teach children

Anju Vallabhaneni is a former Chief Executive officer of United Software Group, Inc. and ardent basketball enthusiast. He says it is important for parents to encourage their children to play basketball for the following important reasons:

  1. Physical fitness

Basketball is a team game where the participants need to do plenty of sprinting while dribbling the ball and jumping when they have the put the ball into the hoop. This help your children to lose calories and attain optimum body weight. It also helps them to overcomes lethargy and dullness.

  1. Teaches self-discipline

Like other sports, basketball has certain inherent rules that the children participating in the game need to observe. If they happen to break the rules, it results in penalties. This goes a long way in inculcating the importance of abiding by the law while installing a competitive spirit as they learn the game.

  1. Enhances concentration

In basketball, a player need immense focus, accuracy and outstanding aim to shoot the ball into the hoop. This requires plenty of practice. Learning to aim for a target is skill your children can learn from basketball.

  1. Team work

Basketball is a team sport and one person cannot dominate the outcome of the game. To win, the participants need to come up with an effective strategy and rely on each other to outperform their opponents. They begin to understand how to play to each other’s strength and weakness. This helps to install a sense of team spirit among the participants.

  1. Helps children to socialize

Parents often find that their children prefer to stay indoors and refuse to take part in outdoor activities. They need to remember that basketball is a team sport where they must be at least five participants on each team. This goes a long way in helping them to socialize and make friends with other players.

  1. Enhance confidence

Every time, you child is successful to shoot the ball into the hoop, it goes a long way in boosting his/her confidence. The reflects in his/her overall personality.

Anju Vallabhaneni says your child can learn many important life lessons by playing basketball. He/she learns to accept failure gracefully is just as important as winning a game. Moreover, the sport inculcates virtues of perseverance in your child even the odds are against him/her in a game. This is why parents should encourage their children to learn basketball.