It is a well-known fact that some body builders and athletes have used steroid in their prime. These are known to be the pros when it comes to steroid use. However, is there a guideline when it comes to beginners? The answer is a definitive NO. Actually, there are no guidelines for steroid use when it comes to non-medical use. When the use is medical, research has been done on the safe usage and guidelines like dosages, how long to use, what to do when side effects start to appear. But all of these things are under medical supervision, a legal use, and one would expect the medical practitioner to know his subject.

Beginners Dilemma

Most of the knowledge on the use of steroids come from previous users, body building forums, gym users, online sites, etc. These people have followed the trial and error method when using them, faced the consequences and told the others. Actually, none of the users would admit to using them in the first place. It is dangerous to take steroids without medical supervision and therein lies the problem. Medical practitioners are not going to prescribe the steroids for non-medical use. So, if a newcomer wants to know about beginners steroids for bulking, he should know that it is not legal and the use may bring lots of side effects. They should not straight away start on the very potent ones as this may end their career.

Bulking Cycle

One should first understand what is meant by the bulking, then things can begin to make some sense. This is the start of a cycle where the person is trying to add more muscle by way of steroids. Anabolic steroids are known to build muscle for the user by way of Testosterone. This hormone helps in nitrogen and protein synthesis in humans. Cells rely on these factors for a good growth and hence muscles develop. The user gains weight and bulked up muscle. A beginner should start with testosterone only steroids but of the milder type. This is available in tablet, oral suspension and injection forms. Beginners should try Testosterone Enanthate 500mg injections to start with on a weekly basis for 6 weeks along with 25mg of methandrostenolone injections. After this only Testosterone Enanthate is recommended upto 12 weeks. The first one has a longer half-life and the other is fast acting. The combined result is a phenomenal growth.

Safety Issues

One should not get carried away by the beginners steroids for bulking based on the growth alone. Side effects are waiting to happen during the usage. Most types of testosterone usage are known to cause estrogenic effects. This means men may develop large breasts, shrunken testicles and infertility. Other ill effects include aggression, extreme mood changes, diarrhea, nausea, constipation and heart problems. It would be a good idea to take anti-estrogenic drugs like clomiphene or tamoxifen to combat the estrogenic effects. It is important that they start low in dosage and assess how well the body reacts to the drug. If tolerated well, then they can One should consult a medical practitioner if side effects appear before they become too late.