Can build brand awareness and generate response from your target audience. Your message is literally held in the hands of your target market. Drinking coffee is often social and encourages conversation and engagement.

Can be a highly effective component of a multi-pronged campaign, providing a great medium for advertising your brand, website, products and services. Also, coffee cups are attention grabbing. It communicates your message effectively with a 95% read-through ratio. By turning to paper cup advertising, you can not only build awareness through repeated impressions as coffee drinkers typically buy their daily coffee from the same place, you also achieve positive brand perception through coupling your message with the consumption of caffeine and beverages.

Our powerful mini-billboards promote your products, services and special offers in your targeted area. The coffee cup is an excellent advertising medium with the power to mark your territory. Effective exposure with instant results 100% guaranteed delivery with ads that can’t be ignored. No money wasted compared with other media Measurable when promoting limited offers through response codes

Low cost per view compared to other advertising methods. Excellent advertising life (how many other ads are held in your target markets hands for 15-20mins). The cups are traveling mini-billboards that are guaranteed to be held, seen and remembered while people go from the coffee shop to the office, the train, and the gym and everywhere in between – all the time reinforcing your company identity and message.

By advertising your targeted message on the coffee cups, consumers pay more attention for a lengthy period because it is few centimeters away from them. Cup advertising is not only capturing the consumer’s attention but it also catching the attention of prospective consumers. E.g. at a work place or on the street.

HotShot Coffee Sleeves provides a strong visual identity and can make a real difference to the customers that buy these products, and the vendors who offer them. This logo visually supports the message that our products are biodegradable, compostable, and sustainable; and is fundamental to our mission of providing affordable and innovative sustainable packaging solutions. The process starts with a great design, which can either be provided to us on our template, or produced by us. A great option for small print runs is a cup sleeve.

These are manufactured locally, with shorter lead times than cup printing. Our sleeve template is double cut, and fits our 250ml, 350ml and 450ml single wall white cups. We ethically source our materials because we do care about high standards in forest management. We use environmentally friendly materials from ecological sources. We work vigorously towards becoming the industry pioneers and earn great achievements as manufacturers, suppliers, traders and distributors.

We are dedicated first and foremost to the production of the highest quality coffee cup sleeves to meet the needs and demands of our customers while achieving an adequate return. This will be realized by ongoing improvement of processes, systems, equipment and use of human resources.