Copper nails are used in various procedures to increase the durability. Copper nails are widely popular because of their ability to resist corrosive factors such as rust and moisture. As the name suggests, the copper nails are made from high quality copper which is not susceptible to corrosion when exposed to the moisture in the air.

Types of Copper Nails:

Copper nails are available in many types and depending on your requirement you can choose between copper clout nails, copper annular nails, ring clout nails, rink shank nails, and others. These are the most common types of copper nails available in the market but other types including the copper pins, slates, straps, and disk rivets are also available.

Uses of Copper Nails:

Copper nails are used in a variety of construction jobs including the copper metal fabrication, clay and cement roofing, copper gutters or eaves, saddler and farrier work. Also, the copper nails can be used in plywood roof decks, floor and skirting boards, installation of insulation panels and roof shingles, and even in boat building.

Copper clout nails and annular rings are mainly used for slates and roofing materials such as tiles. These types of nails are available in different sizes to fulfill the requirement of different projects since everyone needs different kinds of copper nails for different projects. Another reason why copper nails are used in many projects is because galvanized nails do not last in some places, like the coastal region. Also, many building regulations prohibit the use of galvanized nails for roofing types such as slate.

Advantages of Copper Nails:

Copper nails offer a great range of longevity that other types of nails do not provide. Also, using copper nails is easier than other kinds of nails as they can be easily pulled out. Other types of nails often corrode very fast, which may lead to many problems like roof slates sliding off of the roof. However, copper nails are best known for endurance, which will make your roof last longer.

Smaller copper nails are also used in decorating, such as beading and other crafting applications. These types of nails look like short pins and are considered the perfect size for decorating needs you have in your home. Furthermore, these types of copper pins have longer life than many other types of nails that are mainly used in decorating projects. However, you must remember that the copper pins are only meant for indoor use.

Copper disk rivets are also used for roofing because of their ability to resist rust. These types of copper rivets are an ideal solution when you need to work on fiber cement tiles or slates. Copper rivets are the perfect way to secure fiber cement tiles and slates to your rooftop. Nowadays, fiber cement tiles are mostly used rather than the traditional tiles since they are easily replaced and with copper nails, the replacement will be made very easier.

Buying Copper Nails Online:

When you are looking for the best place to buy copper nails for your fiber cement tiles, slates, roof work, or for decorating, you may look for the copper nails manufacturer’s website. You can easily find the websites of reputed copper nail manufacturer online and buying copper nails from these websites is also very inexpensive.