Some areas are prone to storm damage. A catastrophic storm can lay down rain measured in feet not inches. The result is often wide spread with dangerous flood conditions that are life threatening. Property damage may be massive, and property owners often feel stressed and discouraged. Restoration after these weather or other damaging situations can take a very long time. Property owners in this situation often have to leave their homes or businesses due to unsafe conditions. If water has destroyed your valuable property, allow DKI Services to take charge of the flood restoration.

Flooding can cause crushing devastation to yards and various structures. When water floods a basement, the pressure may cause the support beams or other structural material to collapse or crack. This creates a major problem as a house or building without the proper support cannot be lived in. Other things make this situation unsafe. When water floods buildings, other electrical appliances may become a source for dangerous electricity malfunction. It is best to not try and fix a situation like this by yourself. A severe electrical shock can cause serious body injury and death in some cases.

Some areas have regular hurricane season. During this time, hurricanes and tropical storms can develop rapidly. These huge storms usually bring incredible amounts of water that is pulled into the rain clouds as the hurricane or storm passes over an ocean. This water is then dumped as heavy rainfall wherever the storm lingers. Often, hurricanes move slowly or become stationary over an area for an extensive time frame. Whenever this occurs, the huge amounts of rainfall pours down over the area, often causing structural and outdoor space damage. This water can be the source of foundation cracks that may cause a building to lean.

People that have homes along a water source are also at greater risk for tremendous water flooding and resulting damage. This water source can be a lake, river or even a small creek. When these water sources receive too much precipitation, the water has nowhere to go and it floods over the banks. Homes and/or businesses near these water places can incur devastating damage. Basements may take on water that rises dangerously, sometimes damaging furnaces, washers and dryers and water heaters. This is the time to call in the professional contractors at DKI Services. They can correct many issues and restore the affected structure or property in a fast response time.

The earlier that clean up and specific restoration processes begin, the better the resulting outcome. Too much water at a fast pace can leave buildings heavily damaged and unsafe for occupation. Yards that flood may damage trees that might fall. Cement driveways and various walkways are also in danger of being destroyed. Quick action may save much of the property and accompanying structures. Outdoor pools and decks can be massively damaged which is an expensive fix. DKI Services are well able to deal with these bad situations and more.

Catastrophic weather events are usually not predictable. When disaster rears its ugly head, property owners are shell shocked. They are unsure of how to deal with the damaging consequences. DKI Services has been repairing and restoring scores of catastrophic related property damage for many years.