Improve Society

Social workers are the people who work on improving the lives of the other people and help these people in any situation and aspect. These people work with both the private companies and government organizations. There are many parts of the world that suffers from the poverty and the people residing there are living in the horrible condition. Many people even lost their lives due to the lack of the health care and other basic requirements of the life.

A person like Elizabeth Rehnke who is a humanitarian has been working for others. Services they provide to the people are challenging and needs lots of dedication. They leave all the luxuries and their families behind so that they can serve the humanity. These people don’t have any financial interest and are just satisfied with the happiness of the underprivileged people.

Efforts of the humanitarians

Instead they gather funds for the people so that they can get the necessary medical equipment in the places where they are required the most. They help the poor and needy in whatever possible ways they can.

Social workers also participate in the literacy programs to educate men and women. They help in spreading awareness related to various social injustices such as poverty, discrimination and underemployment. Their efforts and dedication are not unnoticed and many people are coming forward to help taking these people as inspiration. They spread smiles and health, saved the lives of many.

These people have such strong dedication that they work night and day to provide health care to the patients. These people sacrifice a lot on the personal level so that they can continue working as a humanitarian. The medical missions which are arranged to provide free medical and food supplies in the backward areas. Social workers also raise awareness about the hygiene so that they can put an end to the dangers of the epidemic.

Liz Rehnke has also focused her attention on collecting funds to lift up the literacy rate in the poverty stricken areas. So the targets and goals of the social workers are fixed and they are not afraid of the challenges they have to face while their trips and medical missions. These people are infused with the immense dedication, responsibility and hard work. These people are highly responsible as they have to take care of many people at the same time. Social workers are the kind hearted people who sacrifice their personal interest just to make others smile.