Cottage cheese which is also known as paneer is eaten by most of the Indians. It is a commonly used ingredient in Indian cooking.

Paneer Kofta

If you want to impress your family members on the dinner table,then go for this dish. This is a total winner among all the paneer recipes available. Here small rounds are made with paneer and then they are dipped in rich gravy. Pair it up with roti or butter naan and enjoy.

Chilli Paneer Pakoda

Here some cubes of cottage cheese are taken and then they are fried in rice bran or olive oil. One should make a mixture of spices, corn flour and spices and mix the paneer with this to fry it again. Serve hot.

Microwave Tikkas

Do not worry if you do not have a tandoor at home. If you have a microwave oven at home, that will do. You can grill the paneer tikkas inside the oven and also add some flavours if you want.

Paneer Pakora

Are you fond of paneer or cottage cheese? Then you can also make delicious pakoras out of it. Paneer is very healthy and one can add some chilli powder and cumin seeds before mixing it in the batter and frying it.

Paneer Kulcha

In these types of kulchas, one needs to use a stove top and can make these without using yeast. You can make a paneer filling along with some spices and then stuff them properly inside kulchas before making them. You can eat them with any side dishes you want.


This is again a very popular North Indian dish and as the name suggests, Malai is cream and Kofta is fried dumplings which are made from paneer, mashed potatoes and other seasonal vegetables. This dish also has rich and thick gravy which is made from tomato puree, cashew nuts and onions. The spices and ingredients are chosen depending on whether the gravy will be brown or white. One can pair up this dish with Missi Roti or plain Chapattis. In fact, this can also go well with plain rice. The best part of this dish is, the paneer is a bit crunchy from outside and very soft at inside.


As the name suggests, one needs to use a lot of green peas in this and the gravy is mildly spiced and yellow in colour. One can get matar paneer recipe in Hindi from cooking sites and winter is the best time to go for this dish as you get a lot of green peas during this time. Pair it up with steamed rice.


This is a very popular recipe when it comes to paneer. Here the cubes of cottage cheese are cooked well in very spicy gravy. Here in the gravy one use a lot of tomatoes and mixed herbs.

Three Layered Rice

As the name suggests, this rice preparation has three layers, the first one is with potatoes, the second one with paneer (cottage cheese) and the third one with some tangy tomatoes.