Have you ever wanted to own a microscope but they always seem so expensive that you simply cannot bring yourself to make the investment? Or are you simply a parent who wants their child to explore the wonderful world around them through the lens of a microscope? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above then you can rest easy as the answer to what you are all seeking for lies with the Amscope 158c.

Easy to use and very budget friendly

Amscope has identified and understood the concerns of many beginners who are not looking to spend lots of money into purchasing a high powered microscope but instead are looking for easy to use, budget-friendly microscopes that is fit for the use of both child and adult. That is why the Amscope 158c has come into existence, its sole purpose is to not only satisfy the curiosity of budding scientists worldwide, but it is also priced at a budgetary amount so that banks need not break in order to acquire it.

All of the features you have ever dreamed of

Make no mistake about it, the Amscope 158c is not a high powered model of the Amscope line of microscopes and rightfully so, with a price tag of under 100 dollars, you can expect it to be of the same high quality as with its higher priced counterparts and while it may not have the same power or capacity, it still packs enough power to fulfill its basic functions.

The Amscope 158c is equipped with a 0.3 Mega pixel camera which can provide quality images with sufficient detail for the user to be able to discern what they are looking at. It even sports a USB 2.0 output that allows the device to be hooked up to a computer and images can be displayed and stored from there. There is also the completely 360 degree rotating monocular piece that allows users to adjust to different magnifications as they see fit.

The device is actually fixed at a 45 degree inclination per the industry standard with a forward facing nose piece that is capable of magnifying images up to 4X, 10X and 40X DIN which also provides color correction for images that have been magnified. This microscope was built with portability in mind as it uses rechargeable batteries and even comes with an external lighting accessory that provides some much needed illumination when working in dark areas.

Your search is over

If you are someone who has always wanted to own their very own microscope then you need not look further than this model. It is full of features that will meet your needs plus you don’t have to empty out your life savings to buy it.