Getting in touch with a lawyer is not hard at all, but finding the most appropriate one for your needs is definitely a challenge. Practically, there are hundreds of lawyers in your area and each of them can promise you a positive outcome, yet it is up to you to pick the right one. All in all, aside from reviews, testimonials and phone calls, Jonathan Bunge claims that a face to face meeting is definitive for a good final result. The meeting can clarify a lot of aspects. For instance, it is less likely for a lawyer to give you an accurate price without listening to your whole story, with all the associated details. Therefore, the best method to figure out how much you might have to pay is to ask directly. You can get a relatively correct quote before the meeting too, but remember that it can be influenced by a lot of small details.

It is highly recommended to be comfortable with the price, but also with the actual attorney. You two must get along and collaborate in a natural manner. If you do not feel like talking to your lawyer except for the required meetings, perhaps you should look for a different one. Other than that, make sure you know how to make the difference between the total fee and the retainer. The retainer is usually a quote that may differ from the final costs. Plenty of lawyers give out a small one, only to attract some customers. However, the prices tend to go higher with every new form of additional work, whether the lawyer needs more research of data. All in all, try to figure out exactly how high the costs can get and ask about anything that might step into the process.

The negotiations are part of the process too. You can negotiate the costs or the billing system. Feel free to challenge the billing method whenever you think that you can come up with a better idea. For instance, some lawyers bill per hour, while others charge you for every 15 minutes. In this case, do not hesitate to ask for 5 minute increment bills. Jon Bunge agrees that there are also situations when you may come up with a flat fee. In most cases, you will end up paying more than if you get charged per hour. However, this is not a general rule.