While your wedding day is one you are looking forward to like no other, the same can be said about the groom, even if he won’t necessarily admit it. So, it is important to ensure that he is just as much a part of the planning process as you are.

Assigning certain tasks to your groom is the best way to get him involved. You will have more success integrating him into the planning if you assign a task he will be good at. For example, if his math skills are better than yours, he should be the one to not only set the budget, but make sure everyone involved in the planning sticks to it.

To go along with this, if he has a knack for negotiating good deals let him take the lead when it comes to choosing the venue and your vendors. You will find that if he is successful you will likely save money on your wedding planning. He may even be able to negotiate for some extras for free, such as a half an hour longer at your venue the day/night of your wedding or some extra poses from your photographer.

Since the vendors will receive their tips on your wedding day, if your groom is managing the budget he should be the one to set up an envelope for each vendor; the day of the wedding he can simply insert the appropriate amount of cash in each one.

Many men find the drinks and food to be the most intriguing part of the wedding ceremony. Putting the groom in charge of working with the caterer and bartender can often help increase his enthusiasm about the planning process. The prep work for this can keep him busy while you focus on the wedding planning tasks you want to be the one to handle. Choosing the right wines to serve at your wedding can be as simple as having your groom throw a wine tasting party to decide which wines make the cut and which wines don’t.

Since most men are more interested in the subject of cars than many women are, give him the task of choosing how you arrive to and leave from your wedding venue on the big day. This will give him a chance to test drive cars he may never get to drive under any other circumstances.

Another task to give the groom is arranging the fireworks for your wedding. This could be hiring a company to do a full on fireworks display at the end of your reception, or something simple like sparklers to use during your wedding. Sometimes either the expense or size of professional show can be unappealing, so just handing out wedding sparklers can be a good compromise. Either way, the groom will love talking to fireworks companies or going to the store to choose sparklers for the wedding.

If you have guests coming from out of town for your wedding and you don’t have time to show them around, ask your groom to do it. Men often enjoy being the go-to guy for all of the things your guests will see and do while they are in town.

One of the worst parts of wedding planning can be assigning seats at the reception. Men are often better at visualizing than women are so he is likely to find the task less frustrating than you would.

These are just a few of the ways you can get your groom involved in the wedding planning.