With the rapid improvement in the field of medical science and laboratories that specializes in DNA amplification and polymerase chain reactions, there is no wonder that equipments like PCR thermal cycler is becoming the most important in laboratories.  In fact tasks like DNA amplification are incomplete with a good quality PCR thermal cycler. Also known as thermocyclers, PCR thermal cyclers can be considered as an indispensable tool in the field of molecular biology. DNA testing is an experiment which is time consuming; therefore the thermocyclers you purchase should offer efficient performance for long term operations.

Functions of PCR Thermal Cycler:

The main function of thermal cyclers is to provide the scientists a thermally controlled environment to process a PCR sample. These types of machines usually consist of a heating instrument that contains depressions in which the test tubes are placed. PCR samples mainly undergo several interconnected stages like denaturation, annealing, initial extension, and final extension. The most important function of the cycler is to change the temperature of its primary container at specific times for certain durations. The temperature changes involved in this process actually allow for the creation of multiple copies of the DNA fragment.

Advancement of the Latest PCR Thermal Cycler:

With the advancement of technology, today it is possible to purchase PCR thermal cycler that has large graphical display, low energy consumption, and a compact ergonomic design. These types of thermocyclers are designed for continuous use and offers state-of-the-art heating and cooling rates with high temperature control accuracy, which ensures the consistency reproducible conditions. Most advanced PCR thermal cyclers can also be changed to fulfill the requirements in a matter of seconds with the quick exchange and block exchange system.

Types of PCR Thermal Cycler:

PCR thermal cyclers are available in various models and sizes. They are ranging from mini, personal models to compact and large sized models. If you purchase large PCR thermal cyclers, there are chances that the machine is connected with a centralized computer. Most advanced PCR thermal cyclers are designed to provide the ultimate flexibility for laboratories using multiple PCR formats, with six available thermal blocks that can be exchanged in seconds without tools.

You can also purchase thermoclyclers that are built with high performance smart lid (HPSL) technology that ensures optimal contact. The inbuilt USB ports allow GLP compliant documentation of PCR runs, temperature programs, or other data to be seamlessly saved and exported. Moreover, the modern thermocyclers are available with multiblock start and stop function for easy access.

There are many things to consider when it comes to purchase the right type of PCR thermo cyclers for your laboratory. You must have a list of all local lab equipment distributors and it is important to make a thorough research before buying a thermocycler. The local distributors are the best place to purchase thermocycler as they specialize in selling good quality products to their consumers. The distributors usually sell thermocyclers of all reputed brands, so you get a chance to compare products and choose the best one that suits your budget as well.