Laminate flooring

Nowadays, laminate flooring has definitely become a popular flooring solution for homes and offices all over Australia.

And just as a laminate floor grants unique visuals to anywhere it gets fitted, this type of flooring is also known to be that much more practical than its counterparts like hardwood or carpeting.

How Much Easier Does Cleaning Get?

As some of you may already be aware, the process of cleaning a laminate floor is so much easier than those without it could ever guess!

And, rather than using a wet mop, you can also use a dry mop instead. Dry mops have a small pad which effectively picks up dust and dirt from the surface of the floor.

  • After the pad is full, just dispose of it and replace it.

And that’s all that is needed to clean the floor!

In Cases of Soiling

However, if you’re looking at having to deal with any heavy soiling, you will have to be a little bit more thorough in cleaning it. This means using a sponge mop with a special cleaning agent.

  • You can ask about the perfect cleaner through the manufacturer of your flooring or from the shop where you purchased it.

They will see you on your way and provide you with all the guidelines on what and what not to make use of without damaging your beautiful floor.

  • If for some reason you can’t obtain the manufacturer’s guidelines, just clean it with a soft agent without any harsh chemicals.
  • An easy mix can be made from white vinegar and water and even a mild window cleaner can help to do the job.
  • But, you should try using these mild cleaning agents on a smaller area of the laminate surface to make sure that there’s no damaging side effects. This will help you to be aware if the cleaner will fade the flooring or otherwise do any harm to it.

And When It Needs a Little Extra Cleaning

There will come times when you may have to scrub the flooring’s surface by way of a sponge or soft brush.

  • Never use abrasive items such as scouring pads or hard brushes as they will certainly damage the surface.
  • Make use of a soft brush or sponge and gently massage a cleaning agent into the flooring and then remove any grease or grime.
  • If you have no sponge or soft brush, try using an old dishcloth or washcloth.

Don’t Forget to Rinse off any Surplus Liquid

When cleaning your laminate floor(s), ensure that you remove any surplus liquid which was on the surface of the flooring.

If you don’t and do it repeatedly, this will eventually lead to the floor getting damaged, so easily grab a dry mop or towel and make it dry and your floor will soon be looking great once more!