There’s a lot to love about Australia, and a continent that large and diverse obviously provides a wide array of options when it comes to holiday destinations. While Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne have long received the most attention and while most travellers have heard of the Gold Coast and Tasmania, not nearly as much attention has been paid to Adelaide, a city that is rapidly becoming recognised as the often overlooked gem of Southern Australia. So when you’re taking care of the campervan hire at the beginning of your next Aussie holiday, take a serious look at what Adelaide and other gem of the Southern Australia territory has to offer.

Adelaide: the Hidden Gem of Australia

Not only considered one of the top places to visit by Lonely Planet, Adelaide is a city that many believe offers one of the best all around “Aussie experiences” for travellers in the entire country. First of all, you can’t argue with the location. You’re only a short skip and a jump into some seriously true Outback, or you can visit local wineries outside of town in the famed Barossa Valley.

Add in outstanding festivals, an active city board looking to constantly improve the provincial capital for residents and visitors alike, and the famed Kangaroo Island, and it quickly becomes apparent that there is a lot to love about this city.

If you love the rugged outdoors, there are many state and national parks not far outside the city, covering a wide array of ecosystems that this Australian province provides. Take a look at using Adelaide as your holiday base camp and you’ll be able to really launch into what the south has to offer.

Kangaroo Island

Nicknamed “The Galapagos of Australia,” Kangaroo Island is located off the coast of South Australia and true to its name (and nickname) is a wildlife heavy island that has remained untouched by human encroachment. Seeing the island for the natural treasure that it is, the far majority of it has been designated a protected wilderness area or National Park. This helps ensure that generations to follow will be able to enjoy the amazing experience that comes with interacting with nature where it is flourishing on its own.

From koala walks to guided park tours to learning more about penguins, there are all kinds of amazing sights and sounds for animal lovers to experience. One of the real gems of South Australia.

Coober Pedy: The Opal Capital of the World

There are few communities as unique as Coober Pedy, a quirky Aussie community in South Australia located way out in the middle of nowhere…if in the middle of nowhere is on top of the largest supply of opals in the world. Located in one of the most unhospitable deserts in the continent, the majority of the town is underground to allow people to deal with the heat. Visiting the town and meeting everyone means sleeping in an underground cave, having a brew in an underground pub, and exploring the combination of mines, tunnels, or even churches all underground. This is quite the experience and there’s a lot more head room than in your normal hobbit hole!

The town is home to over 3,500 people who come from 45 nations. This diverse population is only fitting for such a unique town, and Coober Pedy actually provides the majority of the world’s jewel quality opals. This town relies as much on tourism as mining opals for its economic lifeblood, so consider taking a visit way off the beaten path to this truly one of a kind stop.

Visit Gawler Ranges National Park

You actually have quite a selection of different national parks and protected wilderness areas to choose from in Southern Australia, but Gawler Ranges National Park really offers a unique and amazing experience. So isolated from civilization that there is no light pollution, the night time sky is beyond incredible. The Organ Pipes are ancient rock formations that create some remarkable hiking opportunities.

Sturt’s Lake is dry salt flat most of the year but right after a large storm you have a remarkable lake with incredible reflective views. If you want to experience the Outback up close and personal, Gawler gives you plenty of options not to mention seven different campsites to choose from when figuring out where to put that campervan hire as you explore the park.

Enjoy the Best Southern Australia Has to Offer!

While there’s no denying how great a city Adelaide is, that is only one of many outstanding places to visit in South Australia. Take care of all your campervan hire needs in Adelaide, check out that stunning city, and then make sure to give yourself the time you need to explore the many amazing sites and wonders that the province has to offer. Southern Australia has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike, and you’re really missing out on a true adventure if you don’t explore this wondrous place.