Jesus Christ had come down to Earth more than 2000 years ago and all he preached to everyone was about love – loving God, your creator and loving your neighbors as you love yourself. He showed the human race the real essence of love, a love that does not expect anything, a love that is patient and kind and is ready to do anything not just for the people who love you but also those who persecute you.  The pastors at Calvary Community church including Ron Hindt believe and propagate this teaching of Christ religiously.

The Calvary community church is dedicated to spreading the kingdom of God here on earth and pastors like Pastor Ron Hindt are working towards inspiring and helping individuals attain a deeper and more fathomable relationship with God. The word of God present in the Bible is of utmost importance at this church and that is what helps them do everything in life. The community church that began with just three members, believe that it is because they trusted in the word of God that God has used them as His instrument and made they thus recognized all over Houston, Texas.

How Ron Hindt Reads the Language of God and Christianity?

Jesus has always asked his followers to imitate his way of loving things. His love for God the father was revealed in his agreeing to be born as a mere human to very poor parents and living a life of complete surrender to God’s will which included His being crucified as a reparation for the sins of mankind. The most touching part about Jesus’ life is perhaps the fact that He was crucified and given an extremely painful death without actually having committed any crime.

Crucifixion was one of the cruelest means of punishment at that time in history; it caused the most excruciating pain not just physically but mentally as well. Jesus was not crucified, He was even nailed to the cross, this added to His terrible pain physically and to be able to accept that and bear all that pain surely must have tortured him men tall and emotionally as well. It should be remembered that at this time He was just another normal human being, so you can well imagine the level of patience and forbearance Jesus had.

Scientists who have studied the situation during the crucifixion are of the view that is most definitely one of the most agonizing deaths that any human can be subject to. The nerves of His wrists and feet were torn and the ways His legs were nailed to the cross put His entire body weight on his backbone. This made breathing for Him almost impossible, but He still hung there and even in those moments of piercing agony He forgave the people who had caused Him all that pain.

Such was his love for every human and this is exactly what He calls his followers to do even to this very day; but unfortunately people have followed only half of what Jesus instructed. They have only learnt to love themselves but have forgotten to love their neighbors in the same manner.