No one wants to injure themselves, but, as we all know, accidents do happen, and many people who suffer an injury are unaware that they can claim personal injury compensation. You may stumble and fall after tripping on a raised paving slab, or be a passenger in a car that is involved in a road traffic accident, and even if you are partially to blame, it might be possible to make a compensation claim against a third party.

Seek Legal Advice

The first thing to do is make contact with an experienced personal injury solicitor, and he or she can advise you how to proceed. The third party that is allegedly responsible must be informed of the circumstances of the accident and details of the injuries suffered. If, for example, a pedestrian was hit by a car, there are experienced road accident lawyers in Yorkshire, who can quickly determine if there is a strong case.


The focus of a personal injury claim is a third party negligence, which must be proven, and even if the claimant is partially at fault, their claim might still be successful, and the sum awarded would be a portion of the full amount specified for that type of injury. For this reason, you should gather as much evidence as possible of you are injured in any way. Use your smartphone to take a few images of the accident location, and include pictures of your injury if possible. If there were any witnesses to the incident, take down their contact details, as they could be valuable as key witnesses at a later date.

No Win No Fee

Most established personal injury lawyers would give you a free, no obligation assessment, during which they would evaluate your claim and determine the likely outcome. In the event he or she feels you have a strong case, they would represent you on a No Win- No fee basis, which means there is nothing to pay if your claim is not successful. If the lawyer accepts you on these terms, you can be reasonably confident of a successful claim, but if the lawyer advises against it, that means there is insufficient evidence to prove negligence.

Out of Court Settlements

Once a lawyer has agreed to represent you, they will immediately contact the third party, informing them of the claim. If the evidence is strong and negligence is not in dispute, then the two parties would try to reach a settlement out of court, which saves both sides a lot in legal fees. Your lawyer’s negotiating skills will come into play in this case, and hopefully, you will come away with a fair settlement that compensates you fully for the injuries suffered.

There are experienced online personal injury lawyers who can very quickly tell you if you have a strong case, and in the event you do, they will be able to facilitate the whole process, which, hopefully, ends in a successful claim.