Sexual assault, harassment and abuse are offence which is detestable and intolerable. They are often carried out in the privacy of homes or are carried out by those whom people may be close to or believe. This makes it not only intolerable, but shameful as well. Sufferers of sexual assault, abuse and harassment often favour to keep their deception secret, fearing blame. But if you are a casualty, this is a risk to yourself and to others too, who may become the next casualty of the sexual harasser and/or abuser:

Get to a secured place: The first and most important thing for you to do is to escape from the assassin and to a secured place. Whether this is to your home, a friend’s home, a police station or a hospital, ensure that you are not in any risk anymore. This can be very hard if you are living with your assassin, such as a spouse or a relative.

Get Assistance: It is also a good notion to call a friend, relative, notable other, or resident counsellor and ask them to escort you to the hospital or police station, or to call the police, hospital or emergency center for you. Some groups have victim advocates who will help you to the hospital and help you with the procedure. You may also desire to bring a second set of clothes for you at the hospital, as the police may need to keep yours. If you have clothing proof at home, such as clothing left by the criminal, you, or a friend, should keep each item in a different paper bag and have the police gather it later.

Take the requisite steps: Do not take a bath, wash your hands, change your clothes, brush your teeth, drink anything, urinate, etc. All of these things will ruin the proof. This requires, in most cases, photographs, mouth, anal and vaginal sponge, hair combing and/or pulling, collection of clothes and underwear, fingernail scrapings and/or clippings, drawing blood and a pelvic exam if female. They will also examine and treat you for harm, STDs and pregnancy if female. They will, with your consent, direct the morning after pill to stop pregnancy. Ensure that to tell the doctor if you think you have been drugged.

Have a word with the cops: Getting treatment at the hospital does not mean that you are in need to converse to the cops. However, if you can converse to the cops, and if you do determine to press charges, it is a good notion to speak to them straight away when events are fresh in your mind. In most states, but relying on where you live it could be unalike, a sexual assault survivor has three choices when filing a police report: a report can be filed with the purpose of summoning the sufferer, a report can be filed but without the aim of accusing, or a third party report can be filed where the survivor remains unnamed and no summon takes place. It is the survivor’s right to alter or modify their mind at any time during the legal procedure. This means: just because you file a report, does not mean you are needed to accuse. Before reckoning on advice found online or from friends, you should think about contacting a lawyer.

It is important to have a support network to assist you get through this hard time. Sicotte & Henry criminal lawyers will link you to an emergency center that will doubtlessly be able to endorse a good analyst.