According to statistics, women are less likely to get into an accident in many ways because they are less likely to break the traffic rules as opposed to men. A woman by nature is more conservative, and this very often becomes an advantage when driving a car: women are less likely to speed; they hardly ever run a red light etc.

As for the mistakes made when driving, these are equally made by men and women, regardless of the driving experience and the type of car they drive whether it is a small and reliable car like Hyundai Accent or a big SUV like Mercedes GLE. Since we are all people and we are influenced by mood, we all may have a bad day when we are inattentive, absent-minded, and immersed in our own thoughts. However, there are a number of mistakes, typical for women only.

  1. Fear of the road. A characteristic feature of very many women is that they are afraid of driving, they are afraid of the traffic police and other cars in general. Hence, a female driver might show some uncertainty in her maneuvers, which is immediately spotted by other drivers. Furthermore, an unconfident driver is very easy to notice judging by how and where they look and how they hold their head.
  2. Women confuse the brake and the gas pedals, as well as the turn signals. For men, this happens very rarely, but women quite often create emergency situations precisely for this reason.
  3. Despite the fact that women unlike men can do several things at once, it would be much better if you did not multitask when it comes to driving a vehicle.
  4. Fear of intersections. Women, when letting other cars pass at the crossroads, very often occupy too far a position thus hindering other drivers.
  5. Driving too slow. Imagine a highway where cars travel at a speed of 90, and even 110 km / h, and on the left lane, there is a beautiful lady driving her car at a speed of 60 km / h only. By doing so, she will make other drivers change their lanes when driving at a high speed, which is not a good thing.
  6. Children. If a woman has children in her car when driving somewhere, then chances are quite high that at some point the kids will start distracting her. Very often, women begin to turn around in their seats, which might lead to a car accident.
  7. Bad parking. For women, parking is more difficult to master than to men. In general, it is necessary to take into account many nuances, the main one of which is to park your car so that it does hinder other drivers when they park. In general, women more often than men park their car without taking into account the needs of other drivers. In this regard, you may want to consider buying, for example, a Hyundai Santa Fe, which has parking sensors making it easy to park.